About the Jahangir

Jahangir is a well known name in St Andrews - the restaurant was established over a decade ago in 1998 and is a favourite among locals as well as the many celebrities who visit the town. The likes of Gary Lineker, Kevin Keegan, Sandy Lyle and Luke Donald as well the actor Richard Wilson have graced the tables of the Jahangir to name but a few.

Picture of the Taj Mahal Drawn by the relaxed ambience and delicious food, they are no doubt further intrigued by the romantic story behind the name Jahangir, from which the restaurant takes its inspiration...

In the year 1558, a young Prince was born to King Akbar, ruler of the Mogul Empire and a direct descendant of the great Genghis Khan...he was called Jahangir.

Legend tells that although married to the strong-minded Noor Jahan, he became involved in a star-crossed romance with a dancing girl called Anarkali. Such was the King's displeasure that he hard her sentenced to death, but her mother, who had been a midwife at the birth of Jahangir, pleaded successfully for her life. Sentence was then altered to exile.

The final goodbye between Jahangir and Anarkali is depicted in a tableau set above the foyer of the sister Jahangir Restaurant in Dundee.

Jahangir's rule had a great impact on the destiny of his country. He signed a treaty with England in 1605 and this, in turn, led to the dominance of the East India Company throughout india.

Jahangir was succeeded in 1627 by his son Jahan who created the most romantic symbol of India to the world in the memory of his loving wife Mumtaz...the Taj Mahal.